I want me a manny

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's been a while since I read any chick lit, so I decided to indulge myself into one when I went to the spanking new boookstore in Amcorp Mall the other day.

(okay, it's not exactly new, but it is kinda spanky)

I was actually there to grab a few fillers (books I read whilst on the LRT to and fro office) and a birthday present for an acquaintance of mine when I saw this cute book on the promotional rack. It was practically screaming for attention, despite looking quit plain beside the other bright-coloured titles. I ignored the book, went around the store, selected a few fictions that fancied me, all the while trying to ignore the buzz of a hearing a tiny voice at the back of my head - the voice of my long forgotten girly-girly gedik me. It said "You know you want the chick lit. Yes, you do."

I know, I know... weirder alert. Which 20something female would not like chick lit? The thing is, chick lits usually don't excite me. It could be because I started off my foray into adult female-targeted books via Mills & Boons when I first entered secondary school. It practically killed my tastebuds for'sugar-coated notions of love' fluff.

There's also the fact that only one, yes, one chick lit that I have liked from the few (I think about 5-6 books) that I have read, and it was written by a nobody. The big rah-rah ones, they stank. A friend told me I was misguided, that there's a lot more to chick lit than Sopie Kinstilla, so she persuaded me to read The Devil Wears Prada. You can't go wrong with a book turned movie turned bestseller novel, she said. So I thought what the heck, how bad could it be?

Bad. Really Bad. I didn't even finish the book. I can't still taste the stale storyline as I'm typing this. So why would I want to buy something that would most probably disappoint me?

True to the Azyze Code of Solving Problems, I bought the book.

And enjoyed it immensely. I like how it started, the fact that the main character was not a typical kuli (like Andrea from TDWP) being tortured by a frightening boss, but a producer with a complicated life. I like the build up, the frustrating sad ending at the last chapter, and the last 4 words that totally 360ed the ending. It has all the essential chick lit without being to sickly sweet, and plants a social message that is pretty clear without forcing you to swallow it.

All in all, good book, fun read. I'm not sure if it makes a goos re-read (because of the light story), but it's worth a read.


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

apa lagi?
sila bawa ke perjumpaan kita yang selanjutnya.


roxychick said...

sophie kinsella la dey!

sah-sah la ko memang bkn chick-litians...(wah! ayat baru ke..?)

btw, tghari kang kita ajak kak wats gi amcorp nak?

My name starts with M said...

ko abiskan baca brp lama ni ely? aku jeles betul la org bole abiskan satu buku in a week time or 2 or less...

My name starts with M said...

eh chop. murahnye buku2 kat bookxs ni? dia ada kat PJ je ke?

Anonymous said...

nak jugak la beli... kat mana?


azyze gomez said...

dekat BookXcess kat Amcorp tu la.

kalau you ni lah budak yang nama sama macam movie tamil tu, you tanya kakak you.
a little bird told me that she's getting cosy with a copy of the book too ;)