Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Look out of the window
Could you see the sun shine so bright
My hope flutters like dandelions swept by the wind
It's here, then it's gone

Two people connected in love
Interwoven like spun silk
dripping a puddle of lovewell dye
then dried
dusted by the wind
it was there, then it was gone

Magic falls in between your fingers with the sands of time
how do you pick them up before they evaporate
like mist at dawn
bottom rock
is where it takes me
the drifting dandelion
to take root in nothingness

you cast me away in a sea of disillusionment
i do not have the means to escape this reality
and so i stay here
and root
and i shall try to thrive
i'll be that white drop in the murky field

One day
my children will fly far and wide
and my cold stories shall be told

© Ely Azyze
2.00pm, Kuala Lumpur


My name starts with M said...

buat lagu... bes ni...

azyze gomez said...

ya kah?

my poetry writing skills sedikit berkaratlah cik Mas.

Anonymous said...

Mari tiru meniru dan ubah - - -

Look at the sky so bright
The same goes for my heart
My emotions sky high shining like the sun because I am thinking about you
Two people connected in their life that has passed and once in a while in the present and hopefully more in the future

Entwined in emotions and past experiences
Through the "i a paranoid", "tidur dlm blk editing" and "seluar oren dan tee shirt malaysian sign language"
two straight people loving each other that is something that the world call friendship

azyze gomez said...

Oh Nadh, sebaknya aku baca!

And the Ts! We got em at PS Boutique kan?

Rindunya zaman dolu!

Anonymous said...

cik azyze, actually aku tak reti nak letak nama aku kat mana.. so aku hentam la dgn anonymous. Tapi nasib baik aku ni ada meninggalkan imprint dalam hidup ko so semestinya ko kenal aku. Cemana aku nak letak nama a?

p.s: aku letak kat nama/url tu tak kuar2 pun nama aku.