We all live in a yellow submarine

Monday, November 12, 2007

A cup of yogurt in the morning.
Fish & vege in the afternoon.
Going home to Mak's or Fina's delicious homecooked meal and wills self not to eat. (sometimes it doesn't work, though).

That's the least I can do. I sit on my fat ass all day at work anyway.

Not eating is so hard. Shish.
Why do I live in Malaysia, the land of good food and more?

Aiight, I'm going back to Sgt. Pepper's now.
G'nite people.


Siti Khadijah said...

berapa lama dah buat kerja mulia ni? i need to do the same. tak tahan dah rupa dan rasa lousy macam ni! makan je kerja.

azyze gomez said...

if i tell you, you'd think I'm a fluke ;)