Salih Yaakob tu kelakar lah!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa




Anonymous said...

Lovely lady Azyze, had I not known you from your writing and the short exchange we have had, I would have thought that you are teasing your friends here with that very tempting thirst-quenching glass of coca-cola; how cruel could that thought be, on a lady as lovely as Azyze.

Selamat Berbuka Puasa - Amir

azyze gomez said...

Ah, but Amir,
what you mentioned - is exactly my nawaitu...


p/s: It's only the first day into Ramadhan and I'm already craving for Ayam Percik... no, no... habislah plan nak shed the kiolos...

p/s2: had to put in the usual women & weight obsession comment, manalah tau, kot-kot you ingat I lelaki pulak hehe

Anonymous said...

I am but speechless, me lady! In this mind that has wandered far and wide, further than the body can, I shall block your reply and close my eyes to it (ni tongah tutup mato le ni). As George (he ain't no saint) the Dragon slayer was blinded by love, I then, am blinded by my hunger and thirst (puasa le) to not see what I wish not to see.

But wait, hmmm....Ayam Percik! :0

And as for p/s2, blind as I may be, my senses are sharp as needle, and a lady Azyze is that my mind doth see. - Amir

Anonymous said...

ps ps ps...dah berapa lamo ni baru deng perasan: Apo kaitan salih yaakob dengan golas coke tu ha? - Amir