Recurring memory

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Just yesterday, I woke up with a vivid dream in my head.
Replaying like an old flick on StarMovies.

It was Dabi. Dabi with shitty blonde extentions. 80s shiny silver spandex with pointy shoulders. Rouge make-up. Very anti-establishment. Very Bowie mixed in a blender.

Dabi walked to me. Said out loud : "Your armpit smells of cigarettes."

Siga-rettes. Siga-rettes. And I don't even smoke.

What a dream.
Wait, maybe it really did happen.



Bailey said...

dabi really exist?

Anonymous said...

Er...beautiful ladies, sapo dabi tu? Kalau debbie tu, cek kenai le...dabi?

Tang david bowie tu, ok le gak...but dabi? - Amir

azyze gomez said...

Dabi itu ada...
Tapi dimana? Jeng jeng jeng...