Nerdy curls

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I remember the time when the only show I'd look forward to on weekends were the CSI installments, and Even Stevens. I just couldn't get enough of Shia LaBeouf. My sister Fina would always give me the 'look', you know, the one where 'you think your sister has lost her marbles' look because I would resistantly camp in front of the TV set to make sure I didn't miss any of the reruns. Looking back, I guess it was kinda weird - I was already 19 at that time.

Louis Stevens was really my kiddie TV hero. He's so funny! Especially when he does that flaring-nostril thing whenever he's all pumped-up for action. That kid made me laugh so hard bapak had to once asked me to shush the crap up coz some of the neighbours had started kepohing outside the house. Shia LaBeouf got me dubbed the Langsuir. *nods vigorously*

Anyway, after the series ended, finding stuff with Shia LaBeouf was harder than flagging a cab at 3am in Balakong. Noone seems to know who he was. Oh, I got one or two movies, but those were cameo roles so blah blah. There were 2 disney movies, but made for TV movies are often, well, poyo.Then came Constantine, a double whammer treat (Keanu, oh abang Keanu) and I was so excited to see that Shia IS working (you know how child stars would usually drop from the face of the earth once their show ends). And then silence again.

So like any other chick, I moved on to greener (and sexier) pastures (Johnny Depp, to be exact). Now that I've become an adult (pada umurnya lah), DCB-DCB pun haruslah orang yang lebih matang dan mantap gitu, kan. Shia LaBeouf faded into the background. He wasn't doing anything substancial anyway, so out of the main Berangan list and into the memory box. Somewhere in my brain is the image of Louis in his lubang hidung kembang glory, waiting to be resurrected.
(Ala2 Imothep gitu. Motiff?!)

And that day came a few weeks ago. Holy Macaroni, that guy, that sexy young man in Transformers -that's Shia LaBeouf?! I couldn't believe my eyes! I mean, look at him! Look at him now! He's... he's... *drools*

Look at that. Amazing... My Louis has turned into a hunk. Of course he doesn't look very funny anymore. I'll miss the kid with dem nerdy curls, but yeah, whatever. Come sit beside me, Shia. Let's talk deep stuff.

Wiki told me that he's 21 this year. Dang! I feel so old.

I can't wait to see Disturbia! Madja (who is a self-proclaimed biggest Shie LaBeouf fan - walaupun baru tau existance dia from transformers) said that he'll most probably, I quote, "cream my pants" during Disturbia. I don't think I'll go to that extent, but we'll see. Hehe.

Way to go Shia LaBeouf!!!

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