Of bontot hitam and such

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I think I've acquired a taste for gangsta talk. I find myself saying things like 'whoop yo ass' and 'dem bitches' quite often. I mean, it is not normal for a Malay female that works in a cosmetic company with cosmetic people (pun intended) to be talking black, right? I shocked myself when I told a Jusco cashier that I "don't gots no wibble dough" when she asked me for 30 cents. What the hell was that about? Maybe I played a round of Ouija in my dream and an 80s Detroit Project chick's spirit refused to go home or something.

A friend of mine got the shock of her life last night when I accidentally (not!) cursed her. She's the prim and proper type, you know, and boo-hoo, she's not used to such 'ghetto' slang.

i just had to use blackass instead of bontot hitam or some other malay kampungphrases...

I told her to stop bragging about her rich boyfriend and to telek her own blackass-self before saying that she is more well-off than most of us with kopak boyfriends. It was bad enough that I stopped her at mid-sentence, I just had to use blackass intead of, well, bontot hitam or some other malay kampung phrases. Such rude language, she said. Well, too bad I don't care if a person of low social status like me should always hold my tongue when speaking with so-called socialites, and to always always remember that cursing in english are only allowed between 'civilized, educated' people.

If we were Mat Salehs, I'm sure she would've gone all 'Sacrilege!" on me or something. Oh, wait, even if she is one, I doubt she'd know the word. Heh.
Yes, I can be a bitch. Let's leave it at that.

I'm happy to report that Unee is back on her feet. She's already driving around you'd think nothing happened to her foot. Gila betul perempuan tu. Tinggal tak buat long-distance trip je lagi. I'm really happy for her, coz' I seriously thought that she was going to have to hop around in crutches or sumthing. She got away with a small band-aid instead. The wonders of technology - they can open you up, slot in nuts and bolts and yards of metal strip in you, then stich dem skin back, band-aid you a lil bit and voila!, you're done.

It's only been 4 days since Fina left for Sibu and I'm already missing her. Badly. Me and Fina, we have this touchy sister bonding thingy. We give each other paw-paw hugs, buat lawak cacat, and launch into wacky P.Ramlee or some foreign movie quotes. Eze's a big fun too, but we don't hug, make stupid Godzilla imitations and all. Fina is the merepek brengsek one, while Eze is more 'lawak tapi maintain'. Not that eze is not funny - she's so funny she snorts when she laughs. That's so Sandra Bullocky, no?

Oh, my english is so rusty. I'd really like to say that it's all because my day job requires me to mainly write in Malay , but I know Adibah Amin would sooo do her whole specs and tudung routine alike the one in Adik Manja and go "Awak jangan nak menipu! Saya pun banyak menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu tapi saya tetap fasih berbahasa Inggeris!"

Sentap mak!!


Frances said...

yo wassup nigga!! :P

azyze gomez said...

teringat lirik lagu c'mon lah by KRU.
why we talkin' gettho and stuff

kantoi siot ;p