For nothing

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It was all vague to me
My eyes were tinted with grey swirling dust
Stowing away the smallest breath of life
From my vein

And he shouted
Oh what poor steps we take
Point of my guns and barrels and grenades
Are we not people first before soldiers
Are we not human first before murderers of little children?"

I tried to look up to the heavens
For any kind of answer that would
Make me abide


All I see is
The red seed of our innocence
Flowing like blood across the sky of black
And the murmurs of the young and the lost
Vibrates through the kingdom

He runs
Straight ahead in the face of doom
It was for the country, he said
We are damned
But for the stripes and stars we stand
We fight
We lose
We die

For nothing

I couldn't see no more
Sands of requiem
Has beckoned me to the
Farthest pit of Armageddon

He falls to the ground
He's bloodied
He's torn
He's trampled

He stared at the face of death
He was damned
But for the stripes and stars he stood
He fought
He lost
He died

For nothing.

130107, 6.10pm
Petaling Jaya