Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hamdan was my colleague during my stint at the Malaysian AIDS Council. We were the two third of the Media & Communications unit. There's Shalina, the head honcho (or bitching buddies, or mistress of media, or reigning queen; depending on occasions), Hamdan the designer and moi, the Media & Communications assistant.
(Be advised here that Media & Communication assistant applied only in formal correspondents and my apprenticeship reports to the university. On all other occasions, I was The Intern.)

Hamdan is your typical male artist. Quirky, hard to understand and dreamy, always oh so dreamy. Plays Indiana Jones the soundtrack all the time. Indiana Jones jacket, tees and jeans 24/7. Addicted to coffee and drama. A single parent who loves his kids to death - the whole passionate artist-y kinda love, y'know? Always falls for the MAF 'superbabes', who most probably pretended to be friends with him just so he would design stuff for them.

Although he does designing on computer, I prefer his paintings and free-hand works better. Maybe it's because when he designs, he's actually thinking in analog. He uses pagemaker and paint; really basic designing, considering that I'm not a design grad but pagemaker and illustrator were already my main Uni designing software.

Me and Hamdan, we never really got along. I mean, we were just okay-okay buddies lah. I guess I kinda understood him (kadang-kadang) better because I think I am weird and quirky to some level. I was able to communicate most stuff to him, and we managed some civilized conversations. I say some because most of the things he'd talk to me about would somehow go back to his 'superbabes', which I couldn't care less about. Itu belum kira berapa kali dia berhenti mid-sentence, lepas tu terus sambung berangan. Instant disconnection from real life. Sometimes it was so drastic it'd freak me out. But we still got along la. But Shalina could only tolerate him. Which means she hated his guts but had to work with him because MAC hired him. (Haha Shalina, your rahsia is out, hehe)

Hamdan left MAC shortly after I finished my internship period. He was offered a job in London with an acquaintance's interior designing company. We chatted on the phone before he flew, but it was a brief and weird (as always) one because he was talking in riddles. Or weirdly punctuated words. I remember wishing him luck, and that if he decided to come back, we could have a cuppa and talk about movies and stuff.

Anyway, these past few days I've had Hamdan on my mind. I know a few people would cringe at the thought of having Hamdan in their head, but hey, I couldn't help it la.

Last I heard he came back, the job didn't work out. That was it. Nobody knew what happened to him, whether he's back for good or not, if he got married or not, if he finished his french classes or not.
Is he still as merepek as he was 2 years ago?
Does he still need coffee to wake him up? (most probably yes)
Still dreaming about Ferraris and Superbabes?

I hope he's happy. Imagine him a happy artist, painting cherubs, ballerinas and eternal sunshine. Ahh...

Don't we all love happy endings... (even you, Shalina hehe)

P/s: Hamdan thanks for introducing me to Stacey Kent. I owe you that.

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