This skin is here to stay

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I think I'm destined to use this blog layout forever.

For those who happened to check this page out during luchtime today, I'm sure you know what I mean. 3 new skin, three! And not even one turned out right. I had one really cool Jamie Cullum skin, and the coding went psycho. The boxes wouldn't line, the text went awry. So I decided to try my new back-up skin. Konon-konon Plan B la. But that one turned out even worse. Not only did it not pick up my image (I checked hundreds of time in case I missspelled something, but I didn't), the columns were everywhere! I had my columns and borders behind the image, on top of each other, at the bottom of the page... I can go on and describe em all, but all the variations would make it sound like I was describing sex positions instead of my screwed up layout.

The third one didn't work out as well. In the end I decided to be content with changing the fonts on the current one as a lot of you guys mentioned that it was kinda hard to read, but that too didn't happen. Ntah apa-apa jadik. Mak tensi nuks!

I just can't understand it. Is it Blogger, or is it me? I spent days getting / creating those skins and I couldn't change me blog. And lookie lookie, Weird jazzed-up her blog really well, which is making me more depressed. Shish. ...


Takpe la. I'll just use this one. I don't hate it or anything anyway. Actually, I'm still kinda infactuated with this black-orange skin. Sebenarnya, I wanted to change the skins just for the sake of...changing it. That's what I do once a year, anyway.

Takpe la. At least you won't go terkejut beruk. Bayangkan blog ni bertukar warna. Hijau? Pink? Merah gelap? Atau kuning telur kuning? Mintak mahaplah. Stick to black je la for now, eh?

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