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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ah, what a delightful surprise!

During my absense last weekend, my blog have somehow recorded it's 1000th hit! And I thought nobody reads this blog. Well, some do. But for it to surge from eighthundred something to 1016 in two days? Whoa!!!!

So I guess thanks is on the way. To my dedicated albeit sporadic visitors : Hartini, Nadh, Radz, Nurnilamsari & Kebabo, thanks for your endless clicking. To classmates that has somehow refused to made their presence known on the tagboard e.g Ikzal, Madd, thanks for trying to understand me better. To fellow boggers like Wan, Zeek, Mas and a few others, thanks for dropping by and again, sorry for my comment link's no-show. After 2 years of blogging, I'm still an idiot in html formatting stuff.

Oh, not forgetting all you net phantoms that have accidentally or intentionally (blog hopping, eh?) came upon my modest and messy blog, arigato ghozaimasu and i hope you enjoy(ed) your transit here.

You guys made my day!

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