Monday, November 06, 2006

I have absolutely nothing to write about.
Don't ask me why.

It's lunchtime and I don't feel like having lunch.
I'd go down to the basement cafeteria (not basement cum cafeteria) with Awynn, but I think she's fasting. She would've asked me to join her if she wasn't.

My friend Tini is obsessed with losing weight. Her body is perfect as it is. Think Jessica Alba (that's what I heard one of the males in the office described her body as). She thinks that her thighs are too big, that the skin on her belly is actually fat, that her clothes might just burst any minute she eats something. Well, it might. Considering the fact that those clothes she's mentioning about, they're from her 90s era. She looks just great as she is. And it wouldn't hurt to put on a few pounds. But I can't convince her to gain, Let's just say that that's like ketam mengajar anak jalan lurus walhal dia terkedek-ketek mengiring walaupun laju tapi buruk rupanya.

There. Crap.
Thank you.
(Bows and exits)

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