Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ahh... it's good to be back...Not.

Three days of PTD was.. let me just say (oh god this is hard)...interesting.
As the overly paranoid person I am, I think I was somehow or rather targeted by two facilitators. They keep giving me smug looks, the kinda look that villains give right before the Christmas Tree blows up and Gotham City is being turned into a chaotic mess. On Batman's day off.

Oh, there I go talking crap. The truth is, I don't think Kluang likes me that much. A few drops of rain and I was sent to bed with a high fever. I'm still not well, but I had to lug my butt to work. Piles and piles of work on my desk makes me feel like I'm having..well..piles.

Darn. Look, I'm still a bit ting-tong from the stuff my doctor gave me. Should be okay by tomorrow. Please check in later for the usual mature, I-know-it-all posts.

Now where did that pink mushroom go...

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