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Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's been quite a while since I dropped a note here. A lot has happened in these few days, but none that would actually interest any of you reading this blog. But since I'm the owner of, Imma rapp you up with them anyway.

Mandarin Designs mention
My blog's link was featured in MandarinDesign Blog. I was there a couple of minutes ago for some CSS tips and as I was scrolling down, I saw 'shake your thang' listed on the New Sites Coming In area (on the left part of the page). I'm not really sure if this is like an automated tracker that lists any site that's surfing Mandarin at the current time, or if they have somehow managed to find my blog on the net and thought that it's worth promoting. So this entry will be in english, for the benefit of those accidentally surfing my blog.

Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik
Yupp, you read it right. I was in Cheras for the last two days. PTD Exam. I'm happy with my current job in Avon, don't get me wrong. I recieved a full scholarship from JPA for my degree, so I'm committed to take exams and take up suitable position openings. I'd only want to work for the government if it's PTD,and at Wisma Putra. Not to say that I'm THAT good, but hey, I did graduate with honors. And besides, we all know how our government servants (sounds sooo evil lord torturing vermins, eh?) work. Early lunches, long tea breaks, underachieve, the works. Bukan semua, but a majority of them does it like they actually own the govt.

We'll see how things goes la. I'll keep y'all posted.

Razif a.k.a George
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Gol & Gincu TV Series' poster! Is that... it is!!!! My junior in high school, George! One of the main characters! Wow... startsruck sangat, hehehe. I know, I know. Being from Melawati and an ex-masscomm student, I should be used to seeing people I know on TV. Heck, I think almost half of the Melawati's population is on screen. But George (his real name is Razif, but everyone calls him George) is one of the rare special mentions in my memory box.
(stop imagining things! I DO NOT have a crush on him)

He was a real maniac. He's so funny and articulate. George and Vishnu were the only 2 guys from SMTM that really gets me laughing like mad! (Thus the special mention in my memory box) Unfortunately, me & George, we weren't close enough for me to actually label him as a 'friend'. The closest I got was when we were in the same entrepreneur's club. Back then I always managed to make an ass out of myself so I don't think I was ever seen as a potential friend to him. If somebody were to show my picture to him now he'd probably go "Kinda familiar,, don't know her."

Tapi takpe la, that doesn't stop me from telling my friends about him. muahahahaha!!!!! (pathetic, I know).

Drop Deadlines
Drop deadlines are called so because they're dates that; if exceeded; would mean doomsday for you. Although my department works under the 'deadline - drop deadline' system, I don't have a drop deadline. in fact, my deadline is my drop deadline. I try to complete things at least 2 days before my deadlines. Good right? Wrong (according to my colleague, anyway).

When you finish your work earlier than the given date, they wold just load you with more stuff, and then you'd have to rush for the other deadlines then you won't have time to finish them and even if you do you'd just get more stuff so you - HALT!!

So you see, that's why I should stop typing here, and start finishing my campaign 17 manuscript.

Tata toddles!!!

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