Guilty As Charged

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Four Guilty Pleasures in Food
1. Secret Recipe's Banana Chocolate Cake
2. Chillied Japanese Seaweed
3. Lindt's Bitter Dark chocs
4. Nasi Lemak. I have no business eating it, but when I do...oh boy...

Four Guilty Pleasures in Music
1. Asli Music
2. Spice Girls (I know...)
3. Rick Ashley
4. Lil' Jon

Four Guilty Pleasures in TV
1. Mis Tres Hermanas
2. Jem (as in the cartoon series)
3. garden Revival (sounds lame, I know)
4. Akademi Fantasia

Four Guilty Pleasures on Seasonal Holidays
1. Duit Raya!
2. Fattening, high cholestrol Raya food
3. Duit raya
4. Duit raya

I'm tagging Radz, Masie and whoever that's reading this. Fess up!

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