ending of beginnings.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

He said no more again
And I nod in agreement
It's time we stop this charade

Pack up your belongings and move
Those things you might need
Like the magic 8 ball, the black leather thong, your collection of vogue
And don't forget that CD player that scratches all my CDs to oblivion

Yes, you can take the plasma TV
And the bed sheets that itches
Those African rugs, the stolen coffee mugs
But not the coffee perculator I got from Krauss

Let's start breaking all the glasses we brought together
It's easier to cope with such a fantastic ending that way
Bang 'em on the wall, smash 'em against the windowsill
And watch them scatter on the roadwalk below
Glitters under the lights
Perhaps some scum in the night in flight
Might get his feet bloodied

What a sight
To celebrate a fantastic ending.

I won't tear out the pages with your name in my diary
Remembering you won’t hurt one bit
It will actually be a blast from the past
When I’m 72 on my veranda
Sipping Jasmine tea and eating kuih koci
I'll relate the tale to my grandchildren
Of the best friend who turned out to be gay
Who celebrated his coming out
By travelling around the world
(by MAS nonetheless)
Taking Lomo pictures and writing nonsensical blogs
That tell you a story of a straight guy, with a straight job, who’s in love with his straight – not straight female best friend.

Best tak?

Petaling Jaya, 050406

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