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Friday, March 10, 2006

Dear people,

Sorry for not updating me blog. Things have been moving in rocket speed for me, so I'm currently having psycho vertigo... not to mention all the near-fainting experience I had.

My company is currently doing a TV show. Our host for the show is one of the contestant of a local reality show . We have one different artist each episode doing some things la.
For one, she can't host. Or hafal script. Heck, she cant even hafal her lyrics. So it's not a surprise la kalau dia tak boleh nak do TV work. God, I'm already dying..

my biggest worry was that someone might tumpahkan kari on the super-plush carpet,But NOOOOO...

Yesterday's shoot went a bit better than the last one. The host improved la sikit, although I think RTM is already thinking of claiming some serious money for their mental- theraphy session. I had to leave melawati at 630am to reach Marriot Putrajaya by 9. (naik lrt/commuter/cab. yeap..gila kan?) Then the shoot was delayed lah, banyak takes lah, you know, the usual shoooting drill. Marriot gave us the royal suite, so i had to take meticulous care that nobody smoked in the suite (although since 90% off ppl there smoke - nobody heeded my warning), and took care that everything was as it is before we came. I thought my biggest worry for the day was that someone might tumpahkan kari or some other makanan on the super-plush carpet.

But NOOOOOOO.......

We were already leaving the suite last night, and me and a few of the crews were doing some last checkups in case we left anything. Most of the guys were on their way to the lift dah. Tinggal me and a few others je. Suddenly I heard a loud crash - and i mean the crazy loud crash you hear dalam cerita2 arnold schwartzenegger bila ada fight scene - and saw one of the sliding door break into pieces. My heart was thumping like mad and the first thing that crossed my mind was

"Oh God now we have to pay for the sliding door coz the crew must've smashed the lighting or something into the sliding door although i know that all the equiptments have been packed and I'm soo dead tomorrow in the office blablabla" when someone said bola golf.

So I called the PR person, and mintak dia naik atas, telling her that a golf ball must've hit the sliding door. She sounded confused, but told me that she's coming up. After I made the call, I moved to the sliding door area. My heart was racing still, in my head was this really crazy beat, like DUM DUM DUM DUM...and I can actually hear my mind racing, trying to make sense of the chaos (by this time the other crews were already lari2 masuk tengok).

And the one of the crew kinda shouted "Mana dia? Banyak ke darah?"

Kari on the carpet sounded like 'Kacang' je when I heard that.

And then one of the crew kinda shouted"Mana dia? Banyak kedarah?"

One of the crew went out on the balcony to check it they had everything. He was quite worn out from the shoot, and thought that we were already leaving the room. Not wanting to be left, he quickly rushed to the sliding door, mistaking the 2nd sliding door (which was closed) with the first sliding door. (There were 3 door, the suite was HUGE). I think he ran into the glass, cos his knee hit it first. The knee, then his head smashed in. Alhamdulillah he was a bit of a flowerhorn, wide jendul forehead. As soon as his forehead hit the screen, he was flung back by the impact and fell backwards onto the balcony. (The balcony was very big, thus he landed safely.) That saved him from the glass. Kalau tak, nauzubillah, I don't want to go there. It would've looked like a scene from Freddie Cruger's Nightmare on Elm Street.

There were blood stains on the glass, so I was quite afraid that the guy was badly injured. Once I managed to clear scene, I got to the guy. Again praise be to ALLAH. He was in full-shock, his mouth was bloodied (it smashed into the screen kan), a few shards of glass were jutting from his knee - but he was breathing. And no other injuries that I can see of.

We took him in, got his mouth washed, and once Marriot's PR/Security/First Aid people came, they cleaned him up. We lodged a report with the office security, and I am currently waiting for a report from Marriot on whatever feedback/claims they'll be making. We still had another shooting slot to be completed so we HAD to travel all the way to Setapak. We dropped the guy off at RTM (he insisted that his officemate bring him to a clinic), and went to Setapak. The whole shoot ended around 1am.

So here I am, at the office in front of my desk as early as everybody else, trying to act normal and not like I had a wild ride with godknowswhat last night. Penatnya... I'm shooting for 3 days straight in a week, and the schedule commenses until April. Mati la.

I just came back from a meeting with our President, and he announced that my Head of Department is leaving the company. It's part of the global restructuring process the company is having. I am yet to know my status, but they'll most probably announce it by end of April. My HOD, Johan is one of the reasons why I took this job. He has teached me a lot in the 6 months+ that I've been here, and now he's leaving. The guy taking over is not bad, really, but who can beat Johan?

So to sum it all up, life's throwing me around like nobody's business. I fell like the squash ball Nicole David practices with. My whole body is aching, my head's a mess, and I do not have a boyfriend to whimper and complain and wail about my miserable life - unlike my other friends.

But I'm thankful to ALLAH that everything's not lost.
At least at the end of the day, I have a home to go back to, a family that loves me, very supportive friends and hopefully the chance to gain bountyful experiences that will later enrich my journey through life. Insyaallah.

So please forgive the hiatus. I miss y'all too (friends), and I hope we'll have time to catch up soon (once I can catch my breath, that is).Then you can all sit down on the floor and I can do a dramatic-with sound effect- storytelling session of the incident. Rest assured, it'll sound as big as the 9/11 tragedy, National Geographic might want to do a story on it too... :)

Thank God It's Friday,
Ely Azyze

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