30 Things To Do To Change The World In 30 Seconds

Monday, October 31, 2005

Have you ever stop and think on your actions? Are you the type that acts on your impulses, or do you figure things out before committing yourself?

I think I used to be quite impulsive. I'm prone to doing ridiculous things at the most inconvenient time - often giving people the impression that I'm a bumbling idiot. Well, maybe I am, since I do it sooo successfully every time. Those close to me says that I'm weird enough that people see it as one of my many eccentricities. I; however; am as vain as the other Jane, and would usually think of hiding myself on one of those Nepal mountains every time I screw up.

But sometime things are supposed to happen in a certain way for something else to happen. Let's see if I can explain this. Okay, take this for an example. I was on my way to work, when my phone rang in the jam-packed LRT. It took me a whole minute to finally wrestle the phone out of my bag in the crush of people, only to find that the persistent caller had hung up. There I was, looking as klutzy as anyone could be – a book in one hand, a phone in another, trying to zip up my bag. The lrt arrived at a station while I was trying to zip the bag up, and people started to rush the door when bang! a guy knocked my bag over. The content of my bag spewed all over the lrt floor. Thank god I kept my make up stuff in a zipped compartment. Imagine trying to collect lipsticks, powder, eyeshadows and keeping myself from being trampled.

Anyway, a lady was kind enough to help me pick up my garbage, and we kinda became smiling buddies on the train since then. Last week we managed to sit together, and she told me that I got her smiling all day with my blustering face, ducking feet and picking thing up the other day. She had a tiff with her husband, but she managed to put things in perspective after my incident. According to her, “You braved stomping feet and still manage to laugh afterwards, so what’s a little misunderstanding, huh?”

So there you go. My clumsiness for the sake of mankind. Boleh la…

But of course, this only applies to ‘eccentric’ people like me. All you normal people could easily cheer up others’ life by doing small things. Caring and understanding can be done in such small actions, but can touch many hearts, make a lasting impression. Perhaps surpassing those you had during your manly wild strip dance bachelor party in your college years.

Thus, I have decided to take a human outlook, and supply y’all with 30 simple steps that you can do in mere 30 seconds (that’s a surprising 1 second per action average!) that you can do to change the world into a better place. These are not big-effort-big-money kinda things, but smaller ones that you can do everyday, that won’t take 1/10000 of your strength.
Who knows, you might be the chosen one that could start a revolution? If you do remember, one of the greatest convergences was sparked by a mere act of sharing breadcrumbs. Who’s to know if you could be the next Che?

30 Things To Do To Change The World In 30 Seconds

1. Greet the person at the ticket counter. A mere Good morning will do.
2. Say thank you once you get your ticket from the ticket master.
3. Smile at the person who stares at you in the lrt.
4. Offer your seat to those who need it more.
5. Hang on to that empty Coke can until you find a bin.
6. Give your mum a hug.
7. Resist the urge to stick your chewing gum under your lrt seat.
8. Help an OKU cross the road/ enter the lrt.
9. Ask the OKU if they need the assistance first. The act of asking first shows that you respect them and their abilities.
10. Tell a friend that you care about them.
11. Stop talking, start listening.
12. Stop making empty promises.
13. Flush after using the toilet.
14. Get in touch with those you meant to.
15. Don’t put off your task.
16. Queue up when you’re supposed to.
17. Clean your working desk in the office.
18. Tone down your speakers.
19. Respect people’s privacy and stop listening to their conversations.
20. Silent your phones when you’re at the movies.
21. Take your pest of a brother out for dinner.
22. Have a cuppa with your father.
23. Pretend to be interested in football whenever your boyfriend talks vehemently about it.
24. Tell that one person that you’re sorry.
25. Resist the urge to spam people's blog
26. Use protection
27. Listen to your intuition
28. Send thank you notes/sms to those who've helped you.
29. Don't use the emergency lane when stuck in a traffic jam.
30. Smile, and the world will smile with you.

MEME y’all!

Seven things you plan to do before you die
1. Send my parents for Haj
2. Travel Sicily, Mexico, Rome
3. Cut a jazz album
4. Get that dream job
5. Learn to play the piano
6. Find the fabled Soulmate of mine
7. To love and be loved

Seven things you can do
1. Write
2. Sing
3. Play the guitar
4. Listen
5. Basic designing
6. Radio announcing
7. Care

Seven celebrity crushes
1. Johnny Depp – for obvious reasons
2. Steven Tyler – you can say he’s ugly, but man, this is one sexy father!
3. Seth Green – who can resist those twinkling green eyes?
4. Alfonso Gomez – charming, cute, innocent sometimes. And he can dance..sizzle!
5. Chris Martin – clean as hell, sexy to boot!
6. M.Nasir – arrogance and humour in one lethal man
7.Robert Downey Jr – Puppy eyes, melodic voice, and supposedly one heck of a kisser…hehe.

Seven often-repeated words
1. hehe
2. Sebenarnya
3. …not!
4. takde lah
5. so whaddup?
6. aiight?
7. Thanks!

Seven physical traits you look for in the opposite sex
1. Eyes – key to the soul
2. smile
3. height
4. built – not fat or slim, but hugable or not
5. teeth – as long as they’re clean
6. err… I don’t think it matters much..
7. -

Three names you go by
1. Ely
2. Yana
3. Azyze

Three screen names you've had
1. Azyze
2. Azyze Gomez
3. Lestat

Three physical things you like about yourself
My eyes…that’s about it I guess.

Three physical things you don't like about yourself
1.My deteriorating kidneys
2.‘Tangan lembik’
3.leopard legs

Three parts of your heritage
1. Malay
2. Persian
3. Chinese

Three things that scare you
1. Clowns
2. Bloody Tellitubbies outside my window
3. Dying alone

Three drinks (alcoholic or non)
1. Iced water
2. The O Ais Limau
3. Nescafe kaw

Three of your everyday essentials (besides the common human needs)
1. My inhaler
2. Music
3. Book

Three things you are wearing right now
1. Shoes
2. baju kurung
3. hair clip

Three of your favourite movies
1. Moulin Rouge
2. My best friend’s wedding- yes, am a soppy sucker!
3. Interview with the vampire

Two truths and a lie (in no order)
1. I’m hopelessly in love with someone who’ll never be mine
2. My father rather puasa than eat pasta.
3. I love Chinese food!

Three things about the opposite sex that appeal to you
1. Sense of humour
2. Letting all out
3. Musical abilities

Three careers you are considering, or have considered
1. radio announcer
2. Art teacher for kindergarten kids
3. Underpaid yet satisfied singer that hops from a pub to another singing jazz.

Three ways that you are stereotypically a girl
1. My voice
2. I nag
3. My dangling earings

10 years ago.
I was in Form One. Was quite a loner, didn’t fit anywhere, really. Joined the Scouts, which in a way broadened my horizon. Had my first set of merepek friends. Was stalked by a copycat. Started taking journalism seriously. Had really short hair, and wear strictly baggy pants and tshirts, which made mak think that I was changing into a tomboy. (I wasn’t.) I was in the arabic class, though why I was there is still a puzzle to me until now. I failed each and every test. (Eze should’ve been the Arabic chick, she’s the one in UIA.) Left the choirand nasyid group for good. Yes. I stopped singing for a while after an Ustazah denied my nasyid team our negeri fight – reason being Pahang was too far to go to. She didn’t give a hick about our efforts, the classes we missed. Selangor’s first runner up went in our place instead.

5 years ago...
Entered UiTM. Promised myself to have lotsa lotsa friends, so did just that. Made friends with everybody, regardless of what they think of me. I still have trusted friends from those days. Of course, made my mark as ‘the weird gal’. Well, whatever. Enjoyed classes so much! Loved Human Comm & En.Rahmat’s classes! Had this really baggy jeans called roaches(they’re not around anymore) that I wear to classes all the time, teamed with this ugly but comfortable faded green sweater. Had weird wacky hairstyles – I love experimenting with hairstyles. I had my share of disasters, but whatever. I can live with them.

Vacuumed the house. Had ayam goring, vege and Fina’s sambal masam for buka puasa. Saw Mitch Albom’s 5 people you meet in heaven for the hundredth time and loved it. Seriously thinking about writing that novel I have been putting on hold due to my denial writer’s block.

5 snacks I enjoy:
1.The old cikedees
2. Pringles Onion&Sour
3. Kuaci!
4. Potato Wedges Tomato
5. Asam kelubi

5 songs I know all the words to (at the top of your head):
Deuces are wild – Aerosmith
Berkenalan – Ruffedge
I’ll be missing you – puff daddy f. faith evans
You don’t know my name – Alicia keys
Shiver - coldplay

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars:
Buy a house by the beach, somewhere in Chesapake Bay
Quit work, open my own radio station
Self fund my album.
Travel around the world
Donate some to those poor peole in Iran / Afganistan / those who need help.

5 places I would run away to:
1. That beautiful house by the coast as seen in Capt. Corelli’s Mandolin
2. In to the arms of ***
3. A cabin in the forest, much alike the one in Cold Mountain
4. The library whenever I feel disturbed, confused, angry etc. There’s just something about holding a book in your hands, the smell of em... It helps me to settle down.
5. The sanctuary of my bed.

5 things I would never wear:
1. Thongs
2. Boleros – fashion disaster of the 80s
3. those springy butterfly clips Siti Nurhaliza loves
4. My hair in a mullet
5. my birthday suit n public – save them the scare.

5 favorite TV shows (in random):
1. CSI
2. Ally Mcbeal
3.Everybody Loves Raymond
4.The Simpsons
5.Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

5 bad habits:
1. Procrastinate
2.Sometimes I’m quite quiet people think I’m snobbish.
3.Sometimes I talk to much people think I’m a nuisance.
4. People say I have an inferiority complex – to my disadvantage
5. I don’t wash my face off make-up bfore going to be – I know, cleanse tone moisturise is sacred.

5 biggest joys:
1. My parent’s happiness
2. The fantastic outing with that special heart trob
3. Spinning soothing Sinatra when it rains, with a book and a cuppa.
4. The wonderful things I have achieved so far
5. Being appreciated

5 favourite toys (of childhood?):
1. My plastic red and white horsey
2. Toing-toing (I have no idea how to describe this to you guys..)
3. My remote controlled racing car
4. My first barbie
5. Set of plastic army, similar to those in Toy Story

5 fictional characters I would date:
1. Marius of The vampire Chronicles
2. Garret Blake of Message In A Bottle
3. Hang Tuah – myth or legend?
4. Quinn of Blackwood Farm
5. Julian of my dreams

5 songs I currently love:
1. More by Harry Connick Jr
2. Shivers by Coldplay
3. Waras by Afdlin Shauki
4. If you’re not the one (acustics) by Daniel Bedingfield
5. Sunrise by Simply Red

5 people I tag:

Friday, October 28, 2005

Dearest people, if i don't get to blog before raya, please forgive me. I have like, 6 thousand entries in mind, but i'm too cluttered with other jobs that i can't seem to find anytime to write them down.

Oh, for friends, do check my fotopages for pics and infos on things that has been going on, esp the bukak puasa at midvalley and bukak puasa with aida. they should be up by tomorrow.

Here's wishing you a happy happy hari raya, and don't exceed your rendang+lemang limit, okay? lest you forget...

Lotsa Ketupats & Rendangs,
Ely Azyze

p/s: this is my 50th entry. Only? Yeah, i know. I'm 4 short of 100 at mindsay, but i cant open mindsay in the office, and cc is just to taxing la...
hehe. soon!

Nom nom nom

Friday, October 21, 2005

So the new job at the new office is turning out well. Since we had our gaji's early, I decided to finally honour the promise I made to my siblings and took everyone out for dinner. Since it's ramadhan, everybody wasn't keen on having western (Am loves western, so I was a bit shocked). We went to Sitthai instead, this cool Thai restaurant in Taman Melawati. For those Melawatians that has never heard of the restaurant, it's near Thurkah.

(update: they're now called Ayuthai)

We like Sitthai coz they serve nice TomYam. Yumm....

The best dish we had that night was the Ginger Beef. I like! Fina and eze loved the kerabu mangga and TomYam, and Am went crazy for the Ayam Pandan.

The whole table was brimming with food, and I only paid RM92 for the whole lot! Cheap, I say.

We had to send Eze back to UIA, so we stopped on the way and took some pics. Fina and Eze as usual la, camera suckers yang tanpa segan posing posingan.

Sitthai is a great place to have good Thai food sambil lepak2 borak. We like Sitthai so much we've made a deal to go there should there be anything / anyone to celebrate pape :)

Eff it

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You know how I always say “ I don’t mind” or “No problem” everytime you cancel our appointments? Well, I don’t mean them.

I’m such a pussyfoot for not saying this out loud, and although I should, I wouldn’t. I can’t stand to hurt your feelings. I have never been able to upset a friend that way. I have all these ridiculous notions of friends forever blablabla.

So you can keep on canceling our meets at the last minute, just as how you always ask for meets at the last minutes too.

What will I do?

If I’m feeling nasty, I’ll start canceling my promises to meet you up, then. Heheh.

Ada apa dengan Negaraku?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sebenarnya aku tension siot pasal isu lagu negaraku ni.

Dengar Era pagi tadi? Baca suratkhabar?

Dari mana puncanya? Sepatutnya benda ni tak dikorek2 dan dihebahkan oleh media. Katanya lagu kita adalah dari lagu Mamula Moon. Jadi? Banyak je negara lain yang buat bendera tiru bendera orang lain, buat lagu tiru lagu orang lain. Kenapa disentuh soal integriti dan maruah negara? Aku rasa maruah negara tidak terletak pada lagu atau bendera atau nama (kecuali kalau nama negara itu asshole), tapi pada pencapaiannya, rakyatnya, taraf ekonominya dan kesejahteraannya.

kalau nak kata maruah negara tercalar pasal orang kata kita tak ori dan tak kekal, yang lagu negaraku tu digubah2 semula berkali-kali tu apa? Bukankah kita memadam integriti lagu itu sendiri dengan menukar2 sesuka hati? Versi march? Versi slow? Kenapa tak dibuat versi irama asli, versi rock, versi reggae macam lagu UITM tu?

Aku dilahirkan dengan Negaraku, dan aku membesar dengan dirgahayu lagu tersebut. Nostalgia Negaraku dari kecil sampai besar bukan mudah untuk diluntur. Apa jaminan lagu baru akan lebih baik, lebih original, lebih Malaysia dari lagu dahulu? Kalau lagunya nanti mengikut acuan lagu2 patriotk masa kini, aku rasa jahanamlah imej negara. Kalau diberi pencipta lagu progresif pula, jadi lagu rock/techno/indo pop la lagu negara kita nanti. Itu belum kira liriknya lagi. Bolehkan kita dapatkan dari DBP pakar lirik? Yang hasilnya nanti terus membawa semangat Merdeka, Kedaulatan dan Pertiwi Negaraku? Atau kita kan dapat lagu second class lagi? Buruh nelayan dan juga petani, gaya hidup kini dah berubah? No thanks.

Entahlah, aku rasa kita seolah menggembar-gemburkan benda yang kecil sebenarnya. Hattan yang menyanyikan Negaraku dengan semangat anak Malaysia dikutuk, tapi tak siapa mempersoalkan Dayang Nurfaizah yang mengRnBkan lagu tersebut pada malam Merdeka 2002. (peminat Dayang, maaf. Tapi ini kenyataan.)

My vote - kekalkan Negaraku. Atau kalau nak tukar sangat pun, dapatkan lagu kedua. Buat macam US dan UK, ada dua lagu. Pilih satu lagu untuk jadi lagu rasmi, lagu kedua sebagai lagu negara. Tapi jangan hapuskan Negaraku!


Monday, October 17, 2005

There are times when you wish the tide was never high
When barges didn't raise
When the beach seems to stretch forever
That is where you'll dance the night away
With stars to accompany your solo tribute

There are times when you wish the wind would keep blowing
Wiping planes and cities apart
Destroy those whom have done harm
To the place you call home
So no rape and plunder will be
On the soil of your mentality

There are times when you wish it would rain forever
Let the world join you
In your choruses of pain
Solitude seems to hold your heart
In a tight grip
As the soul in you drips away

And you are still alone
Lying on the cold floor
I front of the abandoned hearth
Nobody to pick up the pieces
But rats that scrimps by your feet

Ely Azyze
3.05pm 171005

Dazzling everybody with my beauty...not!

Friday, October 14, 2005

I went down during lunch with Tini to get some bazaar stuff. A bazaar means that products goes for nett prices, and they are usually very2 low. They would usually last around 10 days, but good bargains are usually snapped up about 2 hours after the bazaar opened.

All the Avon Bags (various cool designs) were finished by the time i went down. Tini wanted the pink bag, boo hoo. i bought some lip stuff. as usual, i think nothing looks good on me, but I bought some anyway, making sure that they're closest to my shade and preference.

I wanted to get some stuff for fina too but my cheque's not through yet, so tengok la nanti.

gtg, keje banyak ni.

It's About Time

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Walking down to the water's edge
Where I have been before
If I don't find my love sometime
I'm walking out that door
Some may come and some may go
But no-one seems to be
The person I've been searching for
The one whose meant for me

Biding my time, trying to find a heart that's lonely
Looking for her, my love my one and only
Maybe I'll dream, tonight about the girl who'll be coming my way
So I'll take this chance and celebrate the day

When I'm making my way through an open door
I've got some love and so much more
And I"m ready to make someone mine
Making my way through an open door
I've got some love and so much more
And I'll find her, 'cos it's about time

You try too hard and it feels just like
You're running on thin air
Why does luck happen by suprise
If you don't really care
The past is gone the flames are out
From fires that have burned
New ideals and different thoughts
From lessons I have learned

Biding my time, trying to find a heart that's lonely
Looking for her, my love my one and only
Maybe I'll dream, tonight about the girl who'll be coming my way
So I'll take this chance and celebrate the day

When I'm making my way through an open door
I've got some love and so much more
And I'm ready to make someone mine

Making my way through an open door
I've got some love and so much more
And I'll find her, 'cos it's about time

Got the feeling this could take a pretty long while
To find that smile
Put my faith in another piece of good advice
Well I tried that twice
Waiting for, a little something more
To inspire, take me higher

And I'm ready to make someone mine
Making my way through an open door
I've got some love and so much more
And I'll find her, 'cos it's about time
It's about time

-Jamie Cullum, Twentysomething


Yep, it's about time.
Good job - check.
Good pay - check.
Fab family - -check.
Good friends - er...check.
Entertaining companions - check.
Soulmate - pending arrival from god.

Hog the dog

If you can have three wishes come true, what would you ask for? (fr the top of your head)

1.dem goblins the shoemaker had. they can finish my job for me. I promise to leave them jars of jam, scones and hot cocoa everyday.

2. jpj suddenly decides that they flunked me for fun,, nd would like to ask for forgiveness in this holy ramadhan by granting me a licence - without having to sit for it again.

3. Berbuka with Chef Wan's food creations. Buffet, everyday.

nampak sangat tamak...

Durn it, I smell!

Oh, god. People, I think my feet smells. Ewww, I know.

I got my sandals wet yesterday on my way back, and totally forgot to spray it before putting it on to work today. Now I'm in the office, and I think it smells. Crap. There goes my good impression. I dread to know how my colleagues are going to introduce me as whenever we start a new project with the marketing dept.

A: The team for this project will be Aying, Glenn and Ely.
Mktg: New staff? Which one?
A: The one with the curly hair.
Mktg: Curly hair? Really curly or just curly? Any other trademark?
A: African Curly. You can't miss her. She's the one with smelly feet.

Argh! I tried putting talc on my feet and sandal, but the smell seems to have gotten worse! Noone complained yet, but I think perhaps they're just too polite to do so.

Maybe it's just me. My sinus-y nose is blocked all the time in the office (due to the numbing coldness), but it does stray and pick up certain weird smells. Like how I couldn't smell a thing yesterday, and suddenly the scent of Spirelli Bolognaise whacked me in the head round 4pm. (and nobody was eating. I interrogated the place).


PC to mac - the perils

Monday, October 10, 2005

Being a PC person for the past 15 years, I hyperventilate quietly everytime the mac pops up warning signs like "Sorry, *** does not support IE on MAC. Please blablbla...". Since it is in the office, I have no way of asking anyone abt it. Nanti banyak pulak soalan. Why'd you need this application for? Why blablabla? Satu hal pula nak jawab.

MAC enthusiasts have been trying to convert me to macintosh for ages. They all tell me that it's wayyyy more efficient than a PC, it's very user friendly, it's cute/compact/cool, up-to-date etc. And the list goes on. So I was quite eager to lay my hands on the famed computer. Now that I am using it, I can't help but envy the old fashioned (huh?) PC a girl next to me is using. I have done sharing at MAC before (okay, this is sounding really confusing. mac the computer in small letters, MAC the NGO is in caps), and that was using a dinasour version of PC. I totally miss the ugly layout, the square monitor, the CPU that goes brrrr whenever I insert my pendrive.

Mac is kinda cool la, no doubt abt it, but I can't see the user friendly part of it. First, converting from a left-right clck to a single click mouse is hell. I keep going for the right button. Shortcuts are mainly on the keyboard. Cut paste etc semua berterabur. And there's also the problem of shift+f7. Being a writer/translator, I need my thesaurus just as much as I need my inhaler. But the Words shortcut buttons are all crazy on my mac that I have to do it the manual way - drag the mouse everytime I need to find a word. Menyusahkan sangat that I have taken to just opening the printed dictionary and thesaurus next to me.

And perasan tak how some things doesn't come up on your screen? For example, when you type in an entry, you'd be able to see the buttons for bold, picture etc below the title box. Using mac, these things are nowhere in sight. How the heck do I put in pics?

Ooh...and it is very very irritating to open a webpage and it goes "this site does not support mac blablabla." hadoi...I mean, i need my daily dose of blogs/websites and I can't open them on my mac. I can't even open my mindsay blog, fort he same reason. I have not updated my mindsay for soo long that those people must've gave up on waiting, and are now preparing my orbituary as I type this.

Rash said "It's all a matter of getting used to, El. nanti lama2 okay la."

Tengok la macamana....
p/s: thanks for the encouraging words regarding the test dear friends, but I have yet to decide. The idea being able to sing to 3rd eye blind/jamiroquai/coldplay/aerosmith at the top of my lungs during the trip to and fro work seems irresistable, but not too irresistable that I'd go back to IMKEDA. Teringat muka brother JPJ tu pun nak muntah...

Pemalas? Busy?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Do you know that irritating+sad+fidgety feeling you get when your diet daily blogs are not updated? Here you were, eagerly participating the next exciting post, and at a click...dang, no new entry. You keep going back every 2hours or so, to no avail. Next day, again. The day after that, again. Still no new post. If you're the considerate type, you'd start imagining the writer's excuse for not blogging - busy wth family/gf or bf /work / outstation. If not, you'd be cursing the writer "Apahal tak update2 lagi ni?tak paham ke orang tension!" as if the blogger is your personal psychologist.

I haven't been updating any of my blogs for quite some time. Why? My answer would be "Busy la." But am I really that busy? Settling in o a new place is one thing, but it's not like I breathe and live kerja. I do go home, I do lepak with friends, I do have my Saturdays and Sundays free (no more slugging butt to work on Sats, wehee!). I guess busy is just the template answer I have prepared in my brain. If I'm honest enough, then I'd just say "Malas la" , although I know that that totally crosses with my target of being a dedicated blogger.

The thing is, I wasn't busy, or too lazy to update. I was just pissed off. Totally pissed off with my driving test results. It's obvious by now that I totally flunked the test. Yes people, I flunked my driving test. How stupid can one person get? The tester report sounded something like " calon ini gagal kerana didapati memandu dgn merbahaya dan boleh menyebabkan kemalangan blablabla..". Me, menyebabkan kemalangan? I don't even know the definition of 80mph. And the route was so irritating. Stupid IMKEDA went and built their test site inside a kampung. You have to go through this small kampung road (with underage kids zooming past you on kapchais), and stop a million times to reach a flyover. Take the down road, then patah balik. I hate stops! Gimme a highway anytime, tiga jam straight pun takpa!

And why the heck does my driving school had to send us all the way to the nearly non-existent IMKEDA Cheras? Why can't they just shift to SKEM, and get us on the Gombak test route instead? Seriously, if anything were to happen there (an emergency etc), and I'm left with no transportation to go home, I'd be in deep water. Imagine no taxis, no public transportation at all (for abt 2km) and no main signboards on the direction to IMKEDA Cheras. I can't even remember the way to the place. Right after the Kesas Taman Connought exit, everything seems like a total blur. An asthmatic hyperventilating to no prepaid credit, no change and the thought of dying in IMKEDA is not something you'd want to see, much less experience.

Thus, I have decided to forget about driving. with the rise of oil prices, and the crazy crazy traffic in Kuala Lumpur, it is wayyy easier to take the LRT. Even busses. Yes, I'm willing to endure bus fumes and sardine-like LRT trips so long as I get to keep my sanity. Of course everybody thinks that I'm just being a ridiculous brat, wasting nearly a thousand ringgit for the course, just to abandon it at the last stage. Better to stop now before I waste another hundred to repeat, and fail again. With that one hundred, I can get my hair done, a trip to Secret Recipe, and still have some dough left for tidbits at Petaling Street and Living Cabin. Besides, my right hand is getting worse. I don't even have the strength to twist the ignition key, and I can't steady my hands when holding papers, the lightest of all things. As much as I'd like to believe that it's just another twisted nerve, I know that I should go for a torough check up. It could be the nerves, could be some merepek periodic thing, but it could also be the early symptoms of Parkinsons. (I checked the details). Nauzubillah...I hope it's not that.

I see that the Lancer pics are screwed up somehow. Will find a way to rectify that. Once I get to figure out why the I'm not being taken to my memories/this girl/etc pages when using this MAC.

Until next time,
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The Outing

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The whole family (sans Eze) decided to take the Lancer for a spin last week. We went for breakfast, then hiking. I won't call it real hiking, although Fina did sweat a lot. Of corse, a lot of the poses were fake(egad!), but who's to know kan?

The Lancer was MakChaq's. I think it was already around since forever, and I remember getting rides around Balik Pulau in the sporty car. Back then the car felt really2 big. Now I get claustrophobic whenever I stay in it for too long. There's no airconditioning too. There's a small fan right in front of the gear, and it goes krekkrekkrek. There was this time when me and Eze had a holiday in Penang, and MakChaq and Tok sent us back, all the kms from Penang to KL. Imagine - no aircond, 8hours on the highway, 2 adults with 2 squirmy kids. Gile ah.

Anyway, I had intended to shoot some stuff at the very nicely kept forest ground located behind MIA and Calypso for a long long time. But somehow never did - balik Uitm la, bz la, or my talent aka eze is away in UIA. So I told mak
"this is the time. I really2 want to get some good pics there. Shooting later also can, when Eze's back I'm going to do a full videoclip."

Later did we realize that the full stretch of forest had been stripped bare for the construction of some stupid Melawati2 apartments! wtf??! I cant believe that the only peaceful, beautiful serene area in Melawati is gone! How could they destroy the most gorgeous place in my neighbourhood? Stupid profit-oriented boogers! I'm still fuming, seriously. If I am filthy rich, and if I could reverse time, I would go out and buy that land just so that it stays like it was before. My childhood dreams crashed into broken pieces...

So after cursing loudly (and bapak scholding me for doing so) berbakul-bakul for the developers to die under their tractors, we moved to a smaller patch of greens by the golf course. Took some pics, and I made an ass of myself in the pics just to forget about the nice piece of land that is no more. The Lancer was one of my main subject too. Here's some pics of the car that I have come to love, but suspect will never drive...