Bila boring buatlah survey!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

what date and time is it now?24 Sept 05

who's at home with you now?I'm not at home.

did you go out yesterday? where? Nowpe. Er..does going to work valid?

do you prefer durian or guava?Durian.

what time did you wake up today? 6am

did you go anywhere?The office

wat did you do there?Wa kilije jugak...

how old are you now?23

are you mature or immature?Immature.

wat do you call ur mother?Mak

are you the only boy/girl in ur family?Nowpe

what perfume/cologne are you using now?Eternity

do you use them everyday?You can say so

are you spoiled?Oii never! The eldest is always the least pampered

do you wanna get married?Of course.

with who?Somebody who truly understand me. I don't think Ewan's taken.

if you were to marry a celebrity. who would you marry?Baru cakap tadik. Ewan McGregor la..

would you like to meet her/him?I would love to.

where do you think your best friends are?Sleeping their Saturday away.

when was the last time you talk to your best friends?A few days ago

do you think he/she needs you now?I can't say.

what do you want for your birthday?A surprise.

what do you want for Lebaran?Duit duit duit? muahahaha <---bunyi evil if you were to buy a car, what would it be?Beatles Convertible 100

if you were a car, what car would you choose to be?69' Chevy convertible

any piercing on you?Ears

would you get a tattoo?No, not interested

how about a belly pierce?Not interested either

how many kids do you want?I think I have answered this sometime ago

do you have any homework?Never bring back your work. The boss will take advantage of this situation and the next thing you know, your house have turned into your workstation2.

MSN or Yahoo?Yahoo la.

are you listening to any songs now?Nowpe

where do you wanna go now?Bilik air

wat are your plans for this week?wrap up at AGni, start a new leaf

how are you feeling now?Just aiight

what made you happy this week?Got my offer letter, leaving AGNI for better or for worse

what made you sad this week?My boss's face when I handed her my resignation letter

has someone/somebody made you happy lately?Yes. Tini Lembut. Thanks dear!

are you the type of person who easily gets hurt?I'm quite sensitive, but I think I'm an average emotional person

do you cry?This is one problem I can't solve. I'm easily touched. Heck, I cried when Kenny Ng won our first gold from Sukom98. That's how twar prone I am.

have you ever been to a point in your life that you've thought about giving up?Once. But I'm not suicidal.

last movie you watched?Seven Swords...ancientnye...

with who?Uns, Iwan and his friends.

the last song you heard?Berhenti berharap - So7

the last thing you bought?Battery for my camera.

the last place you went?the pantry

the last food you ate?Nasi Lemak MCH

the last thing you heard from your parents?This morning saying byebye

the last thing you said to your parents?See you later!

the last thing you said to one of your friends?Brengsek munyettt!

the last thing you read?Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray

the last person you called?Fina

the last person who called you?Ivy

the last person who msg you?Arif

the last person who gave you a testimonial?dunno, been ages since I checked my Friendster

the last person who messaged you on ym/msn/aim?Eze

the last person(s) you're with?Bebudak Sentul di Agni

the last person you kicked?can't remember

the last person you think of before sleeping?m.Nasir

the last thing you're goin to do before going to sleep?Beli betri untuk kamera esok...

the last time you went shopping?Ps beli CDs (okay, guilty. Tapi international saje. Local original la..

what song are you listening to now?Syariff and Poogal

handphone brand?Nokia 3315. Ancientnya...

what would you do if sumone tells you he/she likes you?
"Yeah, right". or maybe I won't say anything. See how long can the silence strech. the longer it goes, the more serious the testimonial is.

The officemates

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The only thing that keeps me from going crazy at the office are my wacky officemates. My spot is in a room with 5 males. Yes, I'm the only female, sometimes hanging mercilessly to the very thin thread/line of gender-based jokes. (but they don't do it often, and as Malay gentlemen - muahahah- they do it berlapik)

These guys are hilarious! The first week I entered Agni, these people went on a teka-teki period. That was sorta like a welcoming party. I can never work in a robotic skema place (though that is how my employer would want us to be - robots who does nothing but workworkwork), and I thank god that these design boys are in the same dept with me - they are
the only sane-wacky-human beings around. Ade la geng nak buat lawak2 brengsek.

To those subscribing to my emails, here's a peek at the boys I affectionally call Bebudak Sentul di AGNI:

Zul - I think he doesn't even know that he's funny. Deserves the title "Ketua Badut Agni."

Lotfi - second in command. Seems very carefree and mat lepak, until he speaks to his girlfriend on his cell.

Nazri - Very quiet, but shares a laugh or two with everyone. When asked abt Sekolah Agama boys and softies, he answered "Aku antara yang terselamat la..."

Raj - very funny, english version. He looks very skema (yeh right..). I remember the first time I heard Raj said 'Babi', he did it as slamba as saying "Cool." The whole room burst into peels of laughter. hehehe..

Syariff - Typical UiTM HEP person(tengok kot pun tau). Who shot the syerriff, the usual ayat we say when syariff is missing. He was coughing like hell during the haze, and infected everyone else. Seems that Raj was the only immune one - not for long. He's coughing like mad now, and he mentioned this the other day "The syeriff is really going to get shot la." :)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Your books describes you

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in a reply to my journal and in your journal along with these instructions.5.
Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you

My sentence: "Any history of rheumatic fever?"

taken from Stephen King's Salem's Lot

WTF?! (statement sentap)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

List - What Chinese think of Malays.
I've seen these a few times long-long ago, but have never really given any attention to it. Surfing the net during lunch, I came upon it again, and decided to test my kebalness against anti-Malay statements. Result = outch! Some are true, I can't deny, but some are just pure racist, man.

Here are some that really made me wince.

You MALAY call each other 'BODOH' for fun, and too 'BODOH' to realize it's an offensive word.
Adoi! This one is true (bodoh means stupid)

Always give a very long honourable speech start from Duli Yang Maha Mulia, Tan Sri, Puan Sri, YB-YB, Yang Berbahagia Datuk, Datuk-Datuk, Datin-Datin, Tuan Haji, Tuan Pengerusi Majlis.. and last sometime least...."rakyat jelata" sekalian......."terlebih dahulu saya ingin membuka majlis dengan asalamualaikuwaramatulahiwabarakatu......"
Hak Dush!
I myself wonder on this all the time. But it's the polite salutation thing, you know. (No, I don't)

Your girls got a mouthfull of chicken's ass (loudmouths).Gossip are number 1 favourite past time.
Okay, you find loudmouths in every race possible, all over the world. Malays are not the only ones who gossip, word?

You feel it's not right to eat first before everybody gets their meal (while your meal is getting cold).
Hello...Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan, maybe?

You love to offer drinks to your boss while polishing his shoe.
I myself am against bodek/suck up/ kipas bontot bos.

Many of you are not sincere when making friend with non-malays.
I have tonnes of non-Malay friends, and I love them to bits. I think the writer must've once had a bad encounter with a Malay, and decided that all of us are the same.

Malay favourite magazine are URTV, Mangga, Jelita, Remaja and Variasari.
Although I do leaf through my friend's, these aren't on my mag list.

Malay got less friend from other races because... * Malay are too proud of their own language which makes them stuck-up * Malay also ignore that other etnic groups and foreign people are willing to learn to speak in Malay while got other knowledge in other language. (so now you know why this email is written in ENGLISH)
Okay, this is just plain stupid! There are many Malays that speaks more than 3 languages, and some could breeze thorugh all the continents easily.

An example of a Malay with good grades =STRAIGHT C-MINUS
Another racist statement

Malay love to make fun at people who use toilet paper to wipe ass because they love to touch their sh*t with their hand.
hah? What is this? I've never heard any Malay mentioning this. And Err,we use water maybe?D'oh

Malays can't live without rice and chilli

You MALAYS dreaming to become rich, but not by hard working or studying BUT with ALL KINDS OF SKIM CEPAT KAYA and STUPID MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING BUSINESS.
I have never believed in these. I went to uni, and I believe that hard work equals to sucess+happy life.

Alamak, ter'emo' pulak. But you get the picture. However, I do not feel like writing a long list of what-malay-think-ofs, as I think nobody's perfect. And a racist blog is the last thing we need.

Whatever, loser!

Katrina = Pain

Friday, September 02, 2005

I remember how angry I was when people were making fun of the tsunami that swept away thousands of lives in Asia late last year. I felt like slapping a guy I saw wearing a t-shirt saying, "I surfed the 2004 tsunami wave! Wohoo!" while partying on New Years Eve in a telecast from New York.

I asked myself "Would these people be angry if I were ever to open a bottle and celebrate if anything this devastating happened to them?" or "What about telling these jerk: Well, there you go. What goes around comes around."

But no. I didn't want anyone to feel such pain. Such deep hatred. And I would never wish upon anybody's death. Everybody deserves to live.
But I guess nature didn't agree.

I couldn't believe my eyes when the news started to roll on the devastating state of those places affected by Katrina. How could this be? Watching exclusive storm-chaser videos shown by NBC, I was glued to the chair, sweating. And all I could think of was OMG, it's back. Death is back. After the hurricane died, many Americans were seen relieved, and those not affected thought that the worst is over (I saw this on the news). Oh, but how wrong they were. I knew what happened in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand back in 2004 would soon happen there. Only this time we won't see bodies bloating on beaches, but by the roadside, in abandoned homes, under threes and curbs. And it did happen.

It's been days since the catastrophe happened, and I am still crying. Crying at home in front of the TV, crying during lunch break at office. It broke my heart, to see all these people deserted. Just like that. No means to leave the town (New Orleans looks like one of the scene in the day after tomorrow), no food, no water, no communication medium, nothing. Babies dying of dehydration, disables left to wait for the grim reaper on pavements. Maybe I'm just too softhearted, but I just couldn't stand it. My officemates made me switch off the video news links I had on my pc, but almost everywhere I log on to, Katrina stares back.

I haven't heard from Dean yet. He lives in New Orleans, and the situation there is frightening. I keep hoping that he'll appear on the news, even if it's only for a glimpse, a second or two, just so everybody knows that he is alive. His sister in Michigan hasn't been able to contact him. They are all praying hard, but I can sense the desperation, and hope seems to fade.

Dean, I hope you're okay. We are all praying hard for you.

For those affected, my heart goes out to you.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

quoted fr Elkapitan's blog:

"…Inilah dinamakan "the lost generation", sekumpulan anak muda yang tidak tahu ke mana arah tuju mereka sendiri kerana komuniti Melayu mengharapkan mereka bersifat tradisional sedangkan reality dunia memerlukan pemilkiran ke hadapan…

…Tidak perlu beramai-ramai kumpul jerit “Hidup Melayu” tetapi selepas itu pergi minum arak. Jangan hipokrit. Sendiri buat, sendiri tahu. Nilai kemelayuan itu sendiri sudah berubah dari generasi ke generasi…."