MIndsay Memories: Black Dress, High Heels

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I feel like crap. no, I don't feel like crap. I just feel like writing that I'm feeling like crap.

Neways, last week was really crazy. Tiring, and crazy. Been running around like mad preparing for the media awards (Red Ribbon Media Awards). Then there was my PRnite in Shah Alam. But since i know that i'm a pro for muddling things up, let's do this one at a time.

The Red Ribbon Media Awards, or RRMA as we MAC ppl call it, is a component of the Red Ribbon Gala and is held on a biennial basis. The Gala is organized by MAF to raise funds, coz that's what they do. (you might have seen the circle of hope PSAs that's been aired on astro. those are by MAF too).

The RRMA was first introduced by MAF in 1996 to acknowledge the role played by the various media in Malaysia in HIV/AIDS education. I know of some other countries who does this kind of awards for media working on HIV/AIDS, and most of them are by African countries.

I had the pleasure of working on this year's RRMA from scratch. Since i'm doing my practical in MAC, I figured that it would be the best exposure i could possibly get from the NGO. (I jumped at the idea when my boss mentioned it in passing before I started my prac training.) I was involved in identifying entries, sending out invites to the media (since it's the media awards, kan?), sorting out entries, think up on the prizes, paperwork blablabla. All that got me excited, but what I didn't know was how crazy it would all be.

Here's what I discovered and learned throughout my RRMA work:

  1. Photostating paper articles from 930am to 5pm is boring. trying to photostat nst/b.harian/utusan onto an A3 paper using a photostat machine as old as my dad is hell.
  2. Do not complain about the photostat machine if you're an intern. Do not complain about anything, for that matter.
  3. Do your best to sound like Diana Degarmo on the phone all the time. Even when you have to wrestle the phone with your shoulder while trying to pull out a jammed paper in your printer and trying to act cool coz your boss is looking at you. If not, you might end up being described as disgrunted by the person on the other end.
  4. Never think that just because a PR person from a big corporation dresses and sounds just as grand as their corp, that means they are good. They are not. They are just androids trained to bedazzle ppl with their looks, thus making you look like a monkey in a dress compared to their one thousand dollar suits.
  5. Never say that you're done for the day two hours before officetime ends. They'll pile stuff up your ass you'd end up leaving the office four hours later.
  6. When you feel bad, talk to the photostat machine. even if it makes you look stupid. I tried that. It felt wonderful (or maybe I should get a life).
After all the backpains, headaches and getting high on ventolin pills, the RRMA arrived with much anticipation. Since the gala was an all-glam, high society kinda event, I had to wear a dress, heels atc. I go to work in jeans and sweaters, so that sounded pretty stupid. But I obliged anyway. The result was, well...many said that I looked different, and some even went to the extent of telling me that I looked cute. I personally think that I looked like crap. A walking guni beras. Thank god that I was still mentally stable while I was shopping for the dress. If I shopped during my pms days, I'm sure I would've ended up with some funky looking stuff that would just make me look like the gala's clown. a simple black dress was just fine...

The event went on well without any glitches. I was seated with a few of the winners and some MAC staff. Was really happy to finally meet Huai Bin, our blog category winner. I frequent his blog even before RRMA, so I was really happy to finally meet him. He's just as friendly as he is in his blog. And of course there was Chris Ng. He was fabulous! Funny man, he cheered up my day. I always end up laughing like mad whenever he's around. He comes down once in a while to MAC as he has and is still doing voluntary work with MAC. One great guy. He acts, writes, directs, hosts...he's just awesome. Chris won the award for his short performances with the youth2youth theatre effort he did throughout 2003.

Jit Murad and Asha Gill were the hosts for the evening, and did a great job. They were a bit tipsy towards the end (due to the free flow of alcohol, kot?), but managed to sell all the auctioned items. The gala had raffles too (similar to lucky draws, but you have to purchase the ticket - rm100per ticket). Raffles item were like Bernard Chandran jewelery boxes, chanel/ysl/givency stuff etc so rm100 tak la mahal mane sangat.

The whole thing ended around midnight. I guess I should've lepak around and get to know people, but I was dead tired and really wanted to go home, crash on the bed, and sleep for the next 2 years or so (berangan!!). So I did. ('cept that I woke up quite early the next day, had stuff to do).

Looking back, I guess the whole RRMA thing was an accomplishment. I managed to do all the crazy stuff PR people do in organizing events, got to know a lot of really cool people (and some not so cool people), ate a 5-course hotel dinner that would've costs me a whopping rm3000 if I were to bayar sendiri, and made a few friends along the way.

Mak and bapak were smiling like heck when they saw me in my dress after the gala. I guess they're just happy that their daughter do know the meaning of 'dressing like a woman' even if I looked like a psycho woman... mak didn't mind being as fat as a cow whe she was pregnant with me, and bapak didn't mind giving me rides on his back throughout my kiddy years, so what was a dress and high heels for 5 hours, right?

I should stop now. They're closing the office oredi. Bapak is coming to fetch me after work, and I guess we'll stop for some cendol or ais kacang on our way back. Or laksa. Nothing beats laksa after work.

Mindsay Memories: Sunyi

sungguh sunyi hari ini
tiada bunyi burung menyanyi
tiada jua unggas menari
sungguh sunyi hari ini
dari pagi ke tengahari
rakan semuanya diam menyepi
sungguh sunyi hari ini
aku diofis duduk sendiri
kerja bertimbun tak siap lagi
sungguh sunyi hari ini
berkongsi cerita tiada yang sudi
tunggu esoklah kalau begini...

Mindsay Memories: Oh Kanda Nasir!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Wohoo...i'm in wonderland!!

Guess who decided to drop by in my dream last night...kanda Nasirku! Wee!! Aku rasa my last celebrity dream was zaman skolah menengah dulu kot. Tapi ni tahap gumbira banget! This is M.Nasir ok, M.Nasir! Orang yang aku tahap puaka puja-puja (bukan yang puja jin, bongoi) dari kecik pakai tshirt thundercats sampai skang pakai high heels! The singer that i grew up listening to. Aku tatau la nak gambarkan camana pasal kalau aku crita pun mimpi tu kat korang, korang bukannye boleh bayangkan pun. ye la, mimpi bukannye lojik kengkadang, and usually it's just too weird to describe macam tu aje.

OMG aku masih lagi walking on air nih! M.Nasir! takde plak aku dok pikir2 pasal dia ke, dengar lagu dia ke, hape ke.., tapi dia singgah dalam mimpi aku, and we were like, friends! He even agreed to check out one of the song i wrote...gile ah! M.Nasir berambut pendek, penuh karisma dan sempoi tahap wassap nak denga lagu aku! Ya Allah, aku masih lagi terkenyeh ni, dari pagi mase mandi, pastu dalam lrt, sampai la kat opis, dan kini... okeh, bernafas, bernafas dengan penuh sabar... tarik nafas, lepas.... tarik nafas, lepas...

Aku tak tau la ape akan jadi kalau aku jumpe m.nasir live satu hari nanti. mati kejung kat situ jugak kot... aku tadek la pasang angan apape, tapi kalau la aku dapat borak seni ngan m.nasir..lepak2 minum kopi sambil dengar je dia bercerita pun takpe... eventhough aku kene shadap. i'll be content with just listening to him, or better still sing in front of me..hehehe... maklum ah, asal dia buat konset aku bz ah ape ah..ingat lagi mase canggung mendonan nye konset aku kecik lagi, skolah rendah kot, or awal skolah mnengah. tak hingin nye mak aku nak bagi aku pegi konset (bawah umur lagik kan?). maksu aku la orang yang paling paham tentang minat aku kat m.nasir (walaupun dia gelakkn aku takdpt tengok konset). dia pun suke mnasir gak zaman mude2 dulu. skang ni aku rase kalau dia buat tebiat suke-suki kat mnasir mau kena dengan suami dia...

walau ape pun, i still feel like this is not real. somewhere somehow there's this realm that must have connected me to mnasir. no, nothing like the matrix la, tu canggih sangat (tho it is possible, for all you know we are just programs) tapi another level of consciousness didalam subconscious minds kita yang sebenarnye interlink semua being. macamana? mungkin faith kita kepada Allah. Mungkin kepercayaan kita kepada karma. Mungkin melalui suatu ketika dalam kehidupan yang lepas bagi sesetengah. Entahla, aku pun tak dapat nak definekan... Terpulang pada kepercayaan seseorang tu la, i guess...

Spatutnye by now aku dah bad mood dah, macam2 yang aku buat hari ni tak kena aje... tapi well, whatever!

Ingat kat abg nasir senyum lebar balik...

Mindsay Memories: Sinchan!

Friday, September 10, 2004

have you ever heard of sinchan?

he's this little kid who's always up to mischief. the thing is, he doesn't even know that he's a pest. he speaks his mind all the time (usually gets him into trouble), and his antics will get you laughing so hard you'd be gasping for air!
he thinks that his butt dance is sexy and is the best pick-up line(or act). he thinks all adults think too much, and he knows that he's "ready to venture into the parts unknown to mankind" (that's the post office to you).

here's some sinchan for you all..

Mindsay Memories: Death = I don't want to know

I was surfing around this morning and an entry from kaooi kinda stuck in my head for quite some time. his entry got me thinking so much about death, i guess i kinda freaked myself out.
I must admit that I'm quite afraid to die. It's not about what punishment I'll get, whether hell or heaven is waiting (what i do during my life will decide that), but it's more of being alone in the dark, rotting, away from my loved ones... One minute you have friends who'd be happy to see you, then you die, and before you know it they'd be doing the whole exorxism routine if you decide to 'drop by'.

Someone told me that if you died before doing something you wanted to do, or before getting something you really really wanted, your spirit won't rest easy. Some will hang around their dying spot( usually those murdered), some where their loved ones are, some well...just around. It's something like the movie hearts and souls. I pity thomas (robert downey' jr's character). I would've gone bonkers.

My sister, Eze, had this imaginary friend (we hoped she was just 'imaginary') called Nozlin. She'd play with Nozlin in the afternoon under our guava tree. She laughed, talked enthusiastically and even play tag with this Nozlin. Somehow Nozlin never came into our house (and mom was relieved when Eze told us that), and was always polite to Eze. Eze lost Nozlin when she was about 6 years old. She told us that Nozlin moved away, and that tore her up. Didn't even want to play with me.She ignored Jem and My Little Pony, sulking over Nozlin. But that didn't last long. She tagged along on my bike trips, and was contented with our secret trips to the river near our house. Mak and bapak (that's mom and dad) was of course happy. They were starting to believe that Shazlin would someday developed into eze's doppelganger.

I knew this kid I went to school with that see dead people (okay, cliche cliche) all the time. He'd go "yesterday this really weird guy sat next to me in the library. he had no face. usually they all have faces, but this guy, no nose, no nothing."

I freaked out the first few times he told me about his 'encounters', but it happens almost all the time I kinda got used to it. Not that I'd ever want to meet one. God, please spare me from that. I had my share of 'glimpse- in a blink of an eye' experiences before, heard voices (who haven't?), and those are enough to last me a lifetime.

I'm a chickenshit. I get scared shitless from watching certain horrors. I am, until now, scared of clowns, courtesy of IT by stephen king. I got rid of all my dolls when I was 10 after a rally of the child's play triology (the fourth one was too stupid). I've braved myself to watched horrors after that two incident, and as I grew up, I find that I could tolerate most of the stuff they make nowadays. But I tell you, the best horror movies (I say best coz the don't just scare me, they made my friends peed in their pants) are those from Japan.

Japanese make the most gory and shocking horror movies. They can make you jump out of your skin in a matter of seconds. Have you seen The Ring? That's actually a remake from a japanese novel (later made into movie) called Ringu. The grudge starring Sarah Michelle Gellar? that's Ju-On. And of course, usually the original is always better that the remake. Go and find the Japanese movie Dark Water. That's another good one.

What I love about jap horrors is that they don't bother with blood. They go for creepy, dark, suddenly the ghost is there and you are soo dead kinda approach. Blood is always overused in western horrors. I prefer those that just kill you on the spot without too much red ooze splattered on the screen..

Speaking of death, there's this old saying (i donno if it's true or not) that goes "one strand of white hair on your head equals to one visit death pays you." So the more white hair you have, means that deaths getting more and more fond of you. And one day it would just take you away. Some people might be relieved to hear this, but I'm always paranoid about these things. So I don't have any white hair yet. But what if death 'falls in love' with me on his first visit, and decide to "what the heck, just take her now" ?

Are you still reading? Okay, maybe I should stop. You must be going 'this is one psycho chick".
I might not make sense, but that's what talking about death does to me...

Mindsay Memories: Tuah - an ode to love

Thursday, September 09, 2004

September 9, 2004 11:39 AM

Bukan aku tidak mahu menjengukmu. Hati ini meronta setiap hari. Tatkala mentari menjengah, maka aku akan tertanya-tanya. Apa kabarmu hari ini? Adakah kau masih lagi seperti dulu? Masihkah kau ingat padaku, seperti aku ingat padamu?

Ingin sekali aku melihat senyumanmu kembali, menatap sinar yang terpancar dari matamu setiap kali kau tertawa riang. Aku ingin benar menyentuh alun rambutmu yang mengurai jatuh ke bahu, menggengam jarimu erat, membisikkan janji setia. Tapi apakan daya, kau dan aku dipisahkan oleh ombak dan gelora. Badai yang tak sudah menghalang aku untuk menjengukmu. Badai itu juga seolah melindung segala pancaran dari arahmu. Aku hilang, dan aku takut kehilanganmu selamanya.

Setiap hari aku menanti kehadiran angin menyapa yang membawa kabar hatimu. Adakalanya ia mengusap lembut pipiku, dan kurasakan cintamu bersama angin lalu itu. Namun sering aku menanti kesepian, tanpa sebarang tanda darimu. dan aku akan pulang, seperti yang kulakukan tiap senja, dengan jiwa yang kian tenggelam. Malam demi malam, sebelum lelap mataku, aku berdoa pada tuhan agar kau muncul dalam lenaku, agar kita ditemukan, biar hanya dalam mimpi. Biar sekadar bayangan yang memberi ku harapan, kelak kau dan aku akan bersatu jua.

Mindsay Memories: PGL Craze!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

i have finally manage to insert the's a scene taken from the epic movie Puteri Gunung Ledang. If you follow the Venice International Film Festival, you'd know that PGL was screened there. The director of the movie is up for Best New Director, and news is that PGL will be nominated for Best Foreign Film in the Academy Awards. I have no idea if this is true or not, but i'm really hoping that it does. Winning is another thing altogether. What we want to do now is establish our film industry in the international scene.

PGL is an epic love story that costs nearly RM20mil, and it's the most expensive movie ever made in Malaysia. It was worth the cost anyway. The actors and actresses were fantastic, the cinematography was breathtaking, it features one of the best epic soundtrack i've heard, and the costume and set were just, wow...

It would be really great if the producers can tie-in the deal they're working on with an international distributor. Then the picture can be accessed by millions all around the world. i'm not sure if it's downloadable, but i'll check that out.

For all you Malaysians who have yet to feel the magic of PGL, you're missing out on the best Malay epic storytale of the decade...

For more information, you can check out PGL's official website here
have fun at the movies!! (don't forget your tissues/hankies~)